After 15 years brake Moto GP returns to Argentina in 2014

Moto GP returned to Argentina in 2014 after a long 15-year break, with the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit in the northern province of Santiago del Estero becoming the host venue for the Gran Premio de la Republica Argentina – a race that had previously been held in Buenos Aires.



Length is 4.8 km, 14 corners 5 left turns and 9 right turns with a straight of 1076m. For Moto 3 should be covered 100.9 km, 110.5km for Moto 2 and 120.2km for Moto GP. Best lap established by Marc MARQUEZ in 2014 1,37.683.

The South American circuit is a challenge to riders, teams, bikes and especially tyres, as the high temperatures and the abrasiveness of the asphalt makes this one of the most demanding tracks of the year.Just because parts of the 4,806m circuit have been resurfaced, meaning Michelin and the teams have no data to process as to the type of surface and the difference it will make to one of the toughest laps on the calendar. Due to this change the MICHELIN Power Slick allocation will be slightly different from the normal three front and three rear tyres, as a fourth choice will be added to the selection. This will make the following selections available; soft, two medium and a hard compound for both the front and rear, with the two front mediums having different compounds, whilst the two rear mediums will have different casings from each other.

Argentina has been a circuit that has certainly given us a number of challenges during the two years we have raced there. It is a track that can be very hot, have high abrasiveness and then it can rain and the temperature drops quite a lot, so we must be ready for every eventuality. This year those uncertainties have been added to with parts of the track being resurfaced, so we are going there with very little knowledge of what exactly to expect, although the track has been very helpful with advanced info, but that is different from having existing data from races or tests on a new surface. That is why when Dorna asked us to fix the tyre allocation at the start of the season we had it included that we could take a fourth option front and rear slick to Argentina, so that we can give all the riders the best opportunity to find a balance of tyres that best suits them, their bike and the altered track. We believe with the knowledge we have gathered since our return to MotoGP we have the right compounds to take on the Termas track and hope to see some very fast times recorded during the weekend.”said Piero Taramasso Michelin Motorsport Two-wheel Manger.

Who will make the best tayers choice we will see in this weekend. Dovizioso, Marquez or maybe VR46, anything can happen.

Pole de Poles,Marc Marquez, enjoy the video :

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