Vettel wins against Hamilton in Austrlia

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Leaving from third position on the grid Vettel seccedees against Hamilton, who left from pole position. Kimi Raikkonen from second place is also on podium.

The issue of Haas monoposts was an advantage for Vettel when Virtulal safety Car was activated and he came out from stand on first position. Sebastian Vettel admitted that Safety Car was the key to Ferrari’s Melbourne victory, as he took advantage to snatch victory from Lewis Hamilton.
When the wheels came off for Haas with two botched pit stops in the space of two laps, Ferrari took advantage of the resulting Virtual Safety Car scenario – and an apparent Mercedes software glitch – to pit Vettel and bring him back out in front of Hamilton.
Vettel admitted also that Hamiton was faster ‘’ “No doubt Lewis was faster in the first stint and he was fast again in the second stint. I was hoping for better from my start and I struggled a bit in the first part of the race where I had to let them both go a little bit – that wasn’t planned’’!
Valtteri Bottas couldn’t make any better than 8th place after he was penalized for change of gear box and left from 15th position on the

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