Mercedes and Ferrari first line on the grid in Australia

1022.6666666666666x767__origin__0x0_Sebastian_Vettel_and_Valtteri_Bottas_2018-700x367Ricciardo handed three-place grid drop for red flag speeding.


Most teams have brought upgrades to the season-opening race in Australia – but Force India have gone one step further and brought an almost entirely brand-new car.The Silverstone-based team’s Technical Director Andrew Green says everything apart from the front wing has changed since testing, and the transformation will be complete in Bahrain when that part is due to break cover. Everything from the front wing has changed and that front wing will be next race, which was always the plan.”“So far, it looks good,” he said. “The drivers are happy, they can feel a big difference from Barcelona. We just need to set the car up differently now, from where we migrated to in Barcelona”.

Daniel Ricciardo dropped three places on the grid

Daniel Ricciardo’s hopes to obtain first podium home in Australia crashed when he was penalized 3 places on the grid for speeding under red flag conditions. The Australian, who ended the session in P7, had his best lap ruined when the red flags were thrown for debris on the circuit, was also awarded two penalty points on his license for the offense. Having reviewed video and data evidence and spoken to Ricciardo, the stewards determined that while the Red Bull driver did slow significantly in the final turns, an error in reading his dash meant he still completed the lap too quickly.

The FIA confirmed that these circumstances resulted in Ricciardo being issued with a more lenient penalty than usually would be meted out.

“Article 31.6 was added [to the rules] this year to ensure that drivers reduce speed sufficiently during a red flag,” read a statement issued by race stewards. Ricciardo’s previous best finish at his home race is fourth, which he achieved in 2016. He did cross the line in second in 2014, but was later disqualified for a fuel flow irregularity.

Live Timing

Lewis Hamilton 1.21.164

Kimi Raikkonen     1.21.828

Sebastian Vettel     1.21.838

M. Verstappen         1.21.879

D. Ricciardo             1.22.152

K.  Magnussen         1.23.187

R Grosjean               1.23.339

N. Hulkenberg        1.23.532

C. Sainz                     1.23.577

Valtteri Bottas has no time for Q3 . He crashed the car.

F. Alonso                  1.23.692

S. Vandoorne          1.23 .853

S. Perez                    1.24.005

L. Stroll                    1.24.230

E. Ocon                     1.24.486

B. Hartley                1.24.786

M. Ericsson             1.24.556

C. Leclerc                1.24.636

S. Sirotkin              1.24.922

P. Gasly                  1.25.295

So, we have on first line Mercedes and Ferrari represented by Hamilton and Raikkonen who won against of his team mate, Sebastian Vettel.

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